Physical Exam

offered in New York City, New York, NY
Physical Exam

Physical Exam services offered in New York City, New York, NY

Your annual physical exam is an important part of your overall preventive health care plan. At the office of Robert Bos, MD, comprehensive physical exams are available for adults through concierge medicine. As a board-certified internal medicine specialist, Dr. Bos provides routine and specialized physicals for sports and employment. He also offers resources to optimize your wellness, including immunizations, one-on-one health coaching, and stress management. Call the Upper East Side of Manhattan, New York City, office to schedule a physical exam or book an appointment online today. 

Physical Exam Q & A

What is a physical exam?

A physical exam is a preventive health service to assess how well your body is functioning. The exam provides important details about your health from year to year and ensures you’re able to live a high-quality, physically active life.

Dr. Bos offers physical exams for adults as part of his preventive care and primary care services.

As a concierge medicine member, you can schedule same-day or next-day physicals. Dr. Bos can also make a house call to complete a physical in your home.

When should I schedule a physical exam?

You should schedule a physical exam once a year, even if you feel well. Annual exams allow Dr. Bos to track and monitor changes in your health from one year to the next. They also help him identify warning signs of chronic diseases in the earliest stage — when treatment is typically most effective.

You may also need a physical exam before starting a new job, participating in sports, or starting a new exercise routine.

If you develop symptoms that relate to an acute or chronic disease, Dr. Bos performs a complete physical exam as part of your diagnostic evaluation.

What can I expect during a physical exam?

During your initial physical exam at the office of Robert Bos, MD, you can expect to discuss your current health and any symptoms or concerns you have. Dr. Bos also reviews your personal and family medical histories.

Your exam includes an evaluation of many aspects of your health, including your:

  • Height
  • Weight
  • Temperature
  • Lung health
  • Heart rate
  • Joint flexibility
  • Muscle strength
  • Skin health

Dr. Bos can also screen for mental health issues like anxiety or depression during your routine physical.

Your annual physical is a great time to get updated on immunizations that protect against contagious diseases like measles, chickenpox, shingles, and the seasonal flu.

Dr. Bos can provide additional resources to help you improve your overall physical and mental health. He offers one-on-one health coaching to help you better manage stress, improve your nutrition, and enhance your quality of sleep.

The extended appointment times for physical exams ensure you don’t feel rushed. Dr. Bos can also address any new health issues he identifies during your physical and customize a treatment plan to manage it.

Call the office of Robert Bos, MD, to schedule a physical exam or book an appointment online today.